Special Circle of Hell

bosch hell

I believe there is a special circle of hell for people who steal art. If you’ve ever made anything, whether it was a pie or a painting, you know you’ve put a piece of yourself into it every single time (unless you’re The Painter of Light), so when that thing gets stolen it’s gut wrenching, it’s like a kidnapping, you feel sick inside. Twice I’ve had work stolen right off the gallery walls. One came back, wrapped in a couple grocery bags, left on the gallery steps after a postering campaign around town (the posters started a whole censorship controversy in itself but that’s another story for another time); one was never seen again.

On February 27th, one of Lori Earley’s drawings was swiped right off the walls of Jonathan LeVine in NYC. You can see the whole show here.

lori’s drawing

“All reports confirm that the suspect in question is a white male, approximately 6’2” tall, in his mid-to-late thirties. He was seen wearing a blue baseball hat with a navy blue backpack, and he spoke with a very heavy New York accent. ” If you or anyone you know has information as to who might have committed this theft or leads on possible location of the stolen drawing, please contact the gallery immediately at (212) 243-3822 or info@jonathanlevinegallery. They are offering a reward for its return.

And a special “reward” is waiting for that thief in the afterlife. (I think Bosch really nails it.)

bosch hell#2


4 responses to “Special Circle of Hell

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  2. I completely sympathize with your sentiment, I support it, and I’d never commit such an act myself. That said, I’ve had my own art stolen, and for some queer reason indeed, I felt wholly flattered by it.

    Of course, I’m not a professional artist, I do not make my livelihood by sales of my work. At best, the occasional piece sold has been a supplemental boost of a mere two to low three figures. Not an enormous loss for me. My work has never been displayed in any gallery, just a coffeeshop here, a consignment shop there, and guerrilla installations around town.

    Twice, someone risked their reputation and possible charges by stealing something I made, and inasmuch as I was pissed, I was also, in all honesty, kind of touched. “Aww, someone liked this thing enough to degrade themselves for it. How nice.”

    Perhaps a messed up way to look at it, I know. Call it my coping mechanism.

  3. Yeah I get what you’re saying and I did get a *tiny* twinge of “Wow, someone *really* liked that piece” but mostly I’m pissed off.

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