Pros and Cons

pros and cons

I used to go to Balticon with my high school boyfriend and it was a big deal ’cause we’d get to run off to Baltimore and goof around. (If you don’t know, Balticon is a sci-fi convention that’s been going on forever. Okay actually I think it started in the 60s.) I love me some science fiction but it’s comic conventions that really rev my engine, and here in San Francisco we’re lucky enough to have a couple doozies. We get APE (the Alternative Press Expo) in November and Wondercon in February (so I can spurge and go “Hey, it’s my birthday, I get goodies!”). And if you feel like a road trip, just head on down to San Diego in the summer and hit Comic-con.

lil’ darth

A couple years ago at Wondercon, my friends Michael and Andy and I stumbled upon Joss Whedon wandering the isles and proceeded to talk his ears off. He was a real sport. Can’t remember if that was before or after I got groped by a Jawa.

jawa & joss

There are heaps of very pro looking costumes but honestly I like the homemade, the old school, and of course the tiny superheroes.

classic heroes

I love comics, I love people in costumes, I love how happy and excited everyone is at these things — it’s like a big party.


5 responses to “Pros and Cons

  1. Too much fun. The only convention like this I’ve ever gone to was the one in Baltimore Laura Fargas and I attended right before our Forever Knight book came out – Syndicon. It was for syndicated sci-fi TV shows – Forever Knight and Highlander were the main ones, though I seem to recall a fair population of X-Philes lurking about, too.

    The actual attendees were all an absolute delight, but I have to say, the people running it were a pretty even mix of lovely folk working hard but having a lark and stressed-out wackos taking everything WAAAYYYY too seriously. I could totally understand getting crazed and bent about real snafus, like, nobody being around to pick up Mr. Fabulous TV Star from the airport. But some of these (it must be said) chicks were acting like they were staging the Second Coming and the locusts hadn’t shown up.

  2. joss whedon, as it turns out, is a mensch. and he wore his daughter’s pink plastic my little pony backpack. extra! points!! for!!! the!!!! my!!!!! little!!!!!! pony!!!!!!! backpack!!!!!!!!!

    steven went this year. said he sat in on the panel where david du-covet-me was interviewed and though some of the questions directed at him by rabid fans were interesting, some were – well, cringe-worthy. one woman said that her husband was in the hospital with a serious medical condition but she *had* to be there to see david speak. ouch.

    but, yeah, i love those things. APE especially – it’s the more home-grown of the two. and zines. i love zines.

    and a batallion of storm troopers with lifelike blast-marks on their uniforms and a gaggle of fifteen darth vaders. i love that, too.

    “i’m your father, luke.”
    “no, I am.”
    “no, me!”
    “nu-uhn! I AM!”
    “calm down you guys. i’m the father of luke!”
    “sahddup! me!”
    “me! me! ME!”
    “i have the most realistic looking light saber! clearly, i must be the father!”


  3. My friend Andrew told me a great story about when the last Star Wars movie came out. He had taken his kids to eat at a Chick-Fil-A that shared a parking lot with a theater.

    There was a guy dressed as a cow in front of the restaurant, waving around a light sabre (Chick-Fil-A has been milking the cow iconography for well over a decade, no pun intended.)

    As he and the kids watched from inside, the movie let out and a guy came strolling up in full Darth Vader regalia, brandishing his own light sabre. Said Cow and DV sized each other up, then assumed the stance of Jedi Knight vs Sith.

    Unfortunately, the Cow lacked proper eyeholes, thus making peripheral vision a non-entity, which Darth took advantage of by repeatedly whacking the Cow upside the head with his sabre.

    If I were granted but one wish, it would be to go back in time and place a video camera in Andrew’s hand.

  4. So THAT’S what Chick-Fil-A is! I’ve seen commercials of a cow wearing a Chick-Fil-A sign and get did *not* get it. (Cows want us to eat chickens?)

    I saw the X-Files thing briefly with David D. and Gillian and Chris Carter — people had rapt expressions like they were at a religious service. Then that crowd let out and a swarm of really amped guys flooded in to hear about the next Harold and Kumar movie. (For the record, I *loved* “Harold & Kumar Go to Whitecastle.”)

  5. Ah, yes, I remeber the the days, though I never ended up going to Balticon, just Disclave and later Minicon and some other. I wonder what I would have looked like in the “Greatest American Hero”?! Now I have to settle for gray-bearded wizards.

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