Easy As Tumbling Down A Mountain


Hey there, I’m in Kirkwood, falling off a fluffy white mountain on a snowboard for a few days. (How come it looks so soft and feels so hard?) Posts of general interest will return soon!


3 responses to “Easy As Tumbling Down A Mountain

  1. Look at you! As Eddie Izzard says, you cannot but look cool on a snowboard. lol

    Miss you, sweetness!

  2. Yiassou Isabel!!
    Ti kanis? Peter recommends next time you better take a bobslade, where you can enjoy the snow with Nico, instead of a snowboard.
    Anyway, its a great picture of you with the crashhelmet.
    Much love, Helen

  3. I should have put the helmet on my rear end, since that’s the part that took the most hits!

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