Polly Wolly Doodle All The Day


I wish I had come up with this first, ’cause to do it now would just feel so lame. Dave Freemont, Brad Mossman and Bob Doyle are The Doodle Dorks (I know two of them and yes they are, in the best sense of the words, Doodle Dorks).


Starting with seemingly random “assignments” like “Text must begin with ‘It Just Sits There On The Couch…'” and “Tattoo Brad’s Arm”, the three Dorks each post a doodle (and often a brief poem or lyric). This is the kind of stuff you can look at and chuckle over for hours and it’s pretty neat-o to see how different brains respond to the same original stimulus.



7 responses to “Polly Wolly Doodle All The Day

  1. i love me some brad mossman arm amp wires drawing…

    thanks for a great night last night


  2. Okay *that* sounds really suggestive! (But I had a great time too. )

  3. oh, my! oh, dear! oh, my!

    hope you’re having a great VD, babe!



  4. Wait, you gave me *VD* that night too?!?! Geeez!

  5. wha’ the…? is this waht goes on in these back rooms?

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