Too Scarry?

rainy day

I love activity books — it’s part of why I wanted to make “Devil Babe’s Big Book of Fun!,” because I still like to play. (Running theme, for those of you keeping track of such things — dragging childhood things into the adult world. I painted on old tin lunch boxes, drew up a coloring book, and am now making jigsaw puzzles because these all seem like perfectly okay things for adults to have in their lives too. We’re all stressed out — we need to play!) Where was I? Oh yeah, so my hands down favorite when I was a kid was a Richard Scarry book — “Richard Scarry’s Best Rainy Day Book Ever.” It was big and heavy and just loaded with page after page of great, intricate drawings that you could pore over for hours.

Whether you were a Scarry fan or not, this Flickr site documenting the changes made to Richard Scarry’s “The Best Word Book Ever” since it’s original publishing is fascinating. (I’ve also heard the the current editions of the “Best Rainy Day Book Ever,” which is organized seasonally, are now missing the entire “Christmas” section.)


2 responses to “Too Scarry?

  1. Hello
    (fist sorry for my english ! i’m french !)………I really love your art ! I see your draw hre, in France, on a book of Steg Larsson (millénium 1)………Whaou ! Thank you, really ! you have big fan in Europe

  2. Wow, thanks for the long distance art-love! (And your English is way better than my French.)

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