There’s a new art mag on the racks — have you seen it? The folks at International Tattoo Art have just rolled out Stretching Canvas. “From the ateliers to the alleys, artists of all walks are breathing new life into the art scene, and we’ve been there to capture it in print within the pages of International Tattoo Art. The response to our monthly Stretching Canvas sections was so great that we decided to take Stretching Canvas to a new level — a street level. Art is a free spirit in an anything-goes way. From pop surrealists to underground champions, from garages to galleries, Stretching Canvas captures that spirit.”

The first issue has features on Joey Remmers, Rachel Bess, Shaunna Peterson, Daniel Martin Diaz, and others along with book and gallery reviews, tasty swag and loads of other good stuff. Ever seen Chris Sickels’ work? He makes and photographs these crazy little dioramas. He’s in there too.

They were also kind enough to feature a few of my paintings from my Monster Ballads show in their premiere issue, and in #2, Editor in Chief Sherri Cullison and I will have a big, multi-day-spanning email chat that gets re-printed for your amusement, with pictures. Should be more fun than a barrel of herring so check it out!
Sherri, btw, is super cool. She’s not just the hard working editor of a spiffy new art mag, she’s a roller derby gal!


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