Restraining Order

three faves

Okay seriously, I think I deserve some kind of award for Restraint in Blogging. There are things I could yammer on about endlessly but I suspect they’re not quite as fascinating to everyone else as they are to me. So I spare you. Examples would be: our new kitten, Bakuchiku, who’s antics are hilarious, detrimental to toilet paper, and occasionally bloodletting; my garden, comprised of a succulent collection I get fairly obsessive about and the veggie/fruit zone because I puff with pride every time I yank something out of there (my own mother has commented that I send more pictures of home grown produce than my son); and of course my kid. That last one I don’t delve into because I figure blogging about him should be *his* right, someday (if blogging still exists). Also, I’d have been mortified if my boyfriends could have looked up my mom’s blog and seen pictures of me running around in a diaper wearing a sauce pan on my head. I think I’ll spare him that.

The flip side of this of course is trying to decide what IS “blog worthy.” (Reminds me of Elaine on “Seinfeld” trying to decide which men were “sponge worthy“.) The problem with all this self-censorship is that I’m not blogging very often. So I’m issuing myself a personal challenge — this week I’m going to try to blog every day and still not hit my three easy babble topics (kitten/garden/kid).


3 responses to “Restraining Order

  1. Good luck, doll-chick; I feel your pain. This is always what hangs me up on the whole blogging thing, too. I want to write something that’s actually worth reading, but I’m not sure my life is all that interesting. lol


    PS – what a cute kitten!

  2. Cute cauliflower. Who’s the kid?

  3. That’s my wee laddie (about whom I only blog obliquely ’cause I figure it’s his choice to enter the blogosphere someday). He’s the one my mum would rather see pics of than the latest haul out of my garden.

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