Mary Blair

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Bay Area you might be standing in three inches of water right now. (If you’re in my back yard you definitely are. Get out of my back yard, it’s a swamp!) You might even be sitting in the dark — we lost power for a day and night. So why not take a soggy trot over to the Cartoon Art Museum where you can dry off and while away a couple hours looking at two terrific shows: Edward Gorey’s Dracula and The Art & Flair of Mary Blair. I was a big Gorey fan when I was a wee sprout and you all probably know who he is, perhaps many of you also know Mary Blair — if you don’t, you will after you see some of her work. Gazing at her concept art for Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” and many Golden Book illustrations should give you a nice, warm deja vu moment.

Here’s some terrific blogging re: Mary Blair on


One response to “Sodden

  1. Thanks for tip on Mary’s work. I absolutely love the stuff she did for Golden Books!

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