Omar n’ Me

Omar & I

Do you ever Google yourself? Just to see what’s going on with you? I did the other day, and guess what? Me and Omar Epps were in a movie together!

Except we weren’t. (Drats!) But according to the NY Times we were both in the movie Juice. And that’s sorta kinda almost true — except that he was in Juice and I worked on Juice. Back when I lived in NYC I was working as a set dresser for films and music videos and, you guessed it, I worked on Juice. But we were off the set and on to the next location looooong before any of the actors showed up.

Me and Omar, we’re like *this*. (I’m holding my hands pretty far apart. So clearly this is a faked up photo.)


2 responses to “Omar n’ Me

  1. lookin’ good, miss thing!

  2. Yes, that was such a lovely evening…

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