I Fall To Pieces

Brand spankin’ new, hot off the laser cutter — a new puzzle!   Is it just me or do jigsaw puzzles really RULE?  I love ’em, I literally can’t walk by one in progress without stopping to work on it.  I think this kind of stuff really speaks to me, a mix of art and “object”  — it goes all the way back to the lunch box and TV tray paintings I used to do and this idea of taking something from childhood and appropriating it for adult use.  (Okay the puzzles are not pornographic like the lunch boxes were.  Yet. <g>) Why should art just be this static thing that lives only on your wall? I really dig the idea that people can play with their art.

So here they are in all their multi-piece glory, just in time for the holidays!  The completed puzzles are 12 x 16 inches, the color is lush and lovely, the spiral cuts are intricate and mesmerizing.  They come in a nifty round canister, each of which will be signed and numbered.  The edition for this puzzle is only 50, they are $50 each (plus shipping), and they have 50 pieces — just kidding!  They actually have 192 pieces — *that* oughta keep you busy for a while!   Please email me if you want one (that way I can make sure I don’t run out and you can pick your shipping method — isamaras@mac.com).  I’d like to put a little “Buy It Now” button on here but this close to the holidays I feel like I need to micro-manage this a bit.

Note: These are not the same as the hand-cut wooden puzzles (edition of 10) that I had in LA for the “Monster Ballads” show — these are more traditional cardboard puzzles, 1/16th inch thick, hence they are much more affordable!  It’s still a limited edition release tho’, so if you reeeeally want one, don’t wait around too long.

Did I mention I *love* jigsaw puzzles?

Magi Puzzle

magi + can


10 responses to “I Fall To Pieces

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  2. I bought one of the Frankenstein LE puzzles at the Copro Nason show as a gift for a friend of mine, and he LOVES it. L O V E S it. More, please!

  3. Dear Isabel:

    Hell Yes I want a puzzle!

    Your stuff is amazing!!!
    I was surfing looking for pin-up art when I found a link to your site on QueenpinDeluxe.com.
    I love your technique and the humanization of the monsters by setting them in classical paintings is pure fun!

    ALL of your work is good.
    And there’s so much of it!

    I hope that I am not too late in requesting a puzzle of “Song of Birth: The Three Magi.”

    It would be a great way to own one of your works and I would love to see the looks on the faces of my family when they see this wonderful work!

    All the best,

    Paul Martincic

  4. Hey Paul — I’ve got a couple left, I’ll drop you an email! (isabel)

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  9. Awesome puzzle! Are prints available?

  10. I haven’t done many prints to date (for a number of reasons I wont bore you with right now) but there will be more prints in the future, I promise! Check back in after my May show at the Shooting Gallery in SF. OH! And there *IS* a small print that comes with the special Limited Edition of the book coming out this spring!

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