Ball Point Pens RULE!


Edith Abeyta asked me to do a piece for her show “Salty: Three Tales of Sorrow; Tale One: Cry Me A River.” I said sure, and then a little white hankie and a blue ball point pen arrived in the mail. How cool is that?

Frustration with the war in Iraq brings me near to tears, and I usually turn to Wonder Woman to be my anti-war mouthpiece. She’s literally draped in the American flag but I think she’d be completely disgusted by what our country has come to.

The show will be at the El Camino College Art Gallery in Torrance, CA opening November 19 and running through December 14, 2007.


4 responses to “Ball Point Pens RULE!

  1. incredible, isabel. you’re a marvel!

  2. Thanks Michael! — isabel

  3. I agree! That piece is freakin’ sweet!

    I finally got my ass over to your blog… Excellent! I’ll try to make it a habit more often….

  4. Hey you could have worse habits…

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