Tattoo You

Every once in a while I get a very cool request: someone asks if it’s okay for them to get some of my art tattooed onto their body. Is this the ultimate compliment? I think it is! Can you spend the rest of your life with my artwork inked into your skin? I’d be honored! Will I send you a nice crisp JPG of the art to work from? Absolutely! Will you please send me a picture of the finished tattoo?

Um, no. Not usually. Sooooo disappointing. But not this guy! G. Charles, you rock my world. Not only did G. send me photos, he came to my opening at Copro Nason and doffed his shirt while a small crowd snapped away with their cameras. G, did you ever know that you’re my hero?


If you aren’t familiar with the original painting, this is “In the Garden” :

In The Garden

Folks, I love the tattoos — PLEASE oh please send me photos.


4 responses to “Tattoo You

  1. i’m glad i get to be the first comment! if i didn’t think it was too weird and stalkerish, i’d get at least one more samaras piece tattooed on me. i’m very fond of the lily munster “lily” that herman has tattooed on his chest. i’ve thought about how sweet it would look on my arm.

    but i think i have to draw the line. 😉
    isabel, you rock. and you’re hot. you’re hot rocks.

  2. Well *I* think Lily would look HOT on your arm. I officially give you permission to cover yourself head to toe in my art — “draw the line” from the top of your head to the tip of your toe!

  3. I would love to get one of your paintings tattooed on me. I am apprenticing at a shop in Mission, Kansas and I think all the guys would fight over who gets to do it! I just have to decide which one I want!! (I will definitly send you a finished photo when it’s done)

  4. Sounds great! Let me know when you decide, I can email you a spiffy jpg to work from. — isabel

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