Spooktacular – Year of the Chicken

Someday I will upload aaaaall the Halloween photos to someplace like Flickr and share the joy, because truly it is the High Holy Holidays around here. I wish it lasted longer — why can’t we have the Twelve Days of Halloween? Or the THIRTY days of Halloween?

Because I am insane, I made over 50 Mexican sugar skulls for folks to decorate at the party:


It’s actually really easy, and sort of meditative (in a mindlessly drone-like repetitive way). Despite having the word “sugar” in them, they don’t actually taste very good, and once they’ve hardened up you could probably rack up a serious dental bill trying to eat one, but if you’ve got a vermin-free household I bet these things would last forever.


Steven *easily* won Best Dressed this year (Robot Chicken, for those of you without cable):


And later, the cutest little girl rang the doorbell — with her chicken. Who was *in a costume*. It was an orange sweater. The chicken was dressed as a PUMPKIN:



5 responses to “Spooktacular – Year of the Chicken

  1. hm! now i wonder who get to help you make those sugar skulls? you didn’t actually try to eat one of those things, did you? (i’m picturing one of your front teeth sawed in two, the bottom half dangling precariously fro the top half).


  2. by the way: steven clark is amazing.

  3. Credit where credit is due — Michael was the brilliant genius who got me hooked on freakin’ sugar skulls. Crazy mad fun. The day after he left I had to go get some of my own molds. And yes — now I have chipped up hillbilly teeth. (Or “teef” as I like to call ’em.)

    Steven *is* a Halloween Hero!

  4. heh! i like the way that sounds – “brilliant genius”.



  5. Ok, so she’s my daughter in law!
    She’s flippin brilliant!
    And she makes my son very very happy!

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